Work Permit For Singapore

Work Permit For Singapore - The Requirements and Rules

Work Permit For Singapore – The Requirements and  Rules

Foreigners wanting to partake in employment in Singapore need to get a work permit first. There are mainly three categories of work permit for foreigners in Singapore. The first type of work permit is the Employment Pass. This is the most basic of the work permits that Singapore has to offer. The Employment Pass will only be granted if the applicant possesses a valid passport that was issued by the government of Singapore.

   Position Qty Salary

Instrument technician

28 1000 SGD

Instrument fitter

40 800 SGD

Electrical technician

16 1000 SGD

Electrical fitter

30 800 SGD


16 900 SGD

Technician QMI

2 1200 SGD

General worker

46 550 SGD

The second type of work permit is the S Pass. This is the work permit that is granted on condition that the foreign worker also possesses an eligible International Experience Qualification (IEQ). The EIQ is a must in order to work in Singapore. If the applicant does not possess this then he/she will not be allowed to apply for the S pass. In addition, in order to work in Singapore, the foreign workers must also have the appropriate documents in order to prove that they are members of the employer’s payroll.

The third type of work permit is the Work Permit for Singaporeans. This is a special type of work permit that is granted to the Permanent Residents and settled people of Singapore who are in need of a job. This type of work permit is different from the E-Pass and the S Pass. In order to get the work permit, you need to apply for the SEED number through the e Pass or the SEED number through the S Pass.

On top of that, there are many other requirements needed for the Work Permit for Singaporeans. In order to get the permit, you need to fulfill the age requirement of the said work permit along with other requirements set by the company that you intend to work for in Singapore. Aside from that, you also need to fulfill the other requirement like the requirement for a passport or a health check up. After that, you need to submit the necessary application process and documents to the assigned authority. Usually, your application process takes one month and it may vary depending on the company that you have applied for the work permit with.

The Work Permit for Singaporeans was introduced in the year 2021. The reason behind the introduction of the new work permit is to help the overseas workers and to encourage the Singapore expats to come to work in the country. Apart from that, the new laws and policies introduced by the government to help the foreign workers and the Singaporeans integrate has also helped in making the work permit easier to acquire.

The first requirement of the Work Permit for Singaporeans is that the employer must be a company which is authorized to run businesses in Singapore. A proof of address for the applicant is also needed from the employer and this can be done by sending the required document to the Employment Department of Singapore. If the document is not accepted, then the employer must explain this to the Employment Department and this may result in the loss of the job opportunity of the foreign worker.

Besides that, the employer must provide two of the three basic documents such as the certificate of employment pass or the employment certificate to the Department of Labor. Also, the employer needs to show the documents that can prove that he is not a bankrupt. If these requirements are met, then the person will not need any further requirements from the government and he will automatically receive the Work Permit for Singapore.

However, there is one thing that you need to do if you want to work in Singapore even without the Work Permit for Singapore. You need to apply for the Employment Pass. The Employment Pass will be your ticket to get the work permit in Singapore. Although there are some requirements that you need to fulfill before getting the Employment Pass, still it is much better than not having one at all. In fact, having the Employment Pass will be your ticket to anywhere in the world.

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